Boss Up Challenge


Happy 2020 Queens and welcome to the “Boss Up Challenge”!

What is the Boss Up Challenge?

The Boss Up challenge for women is about releasing the things in your life that have kept you bound or stagnant and replacing them with wisdom, information and powerful tools designed to help you manifest the life you desire. Do you feel stuck, unworthy, incapable, unsupported or unloved? Have you been stuck in a cycle of fear, procrastination, regret, self sabotage, uncertainty or despair? Have you missed out on opportunities? Failed to start your own business and or slept on your own abilities? Are you unhappy with the direction of your life and simply desire change? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions this challenge is for you!

How does the challenge work?

  • You will receive a daily email over the course of seven days. The email will contain a short, but meaningful assignment with instructions (I would LOVE for you to hit reply and share your work if desired, however it is not required).
  • Your daily email will include a link to a new audio recording daily designed to empower your life and help you ignite change. You can listen to the audio’s at your convenience each day.
  • You will receive transformational freebies throughout the challenge. They will help you as you continue on the journey to creating the life you desire – therefore, rewriting your destiny.
  • You’ll gain access to our private Facebook group where you can interact with Marie and other participants.

Date: Saturday, February 1st – Friday, February 7th

Time: Emails will arrive at 5 AM CST.

What is your spiritual beliefs_

What can I expect to gain from this challenge?

  • You will have seven guided days as you embark on a journey that has the potential to reshape the rest of your life.
  • You will discover a deeper understanding of bondage, destructive cycles, the impact and how to break out of them.
  • You will learn how to identify and un-identify with false perceptions, beliefs, and ideologies that have prevented you from recognizing your true power, potential, and ability.
  • You will learn how to heal from childhood and adult experiences that have negatively impacted your life.
  • You will learn how to shift your mindset, bring your being into alignment and naturally manifest what you desire.
  • You will learn how to use your knowledge and your God-given gifts and abilities to profit and so much more!

*You will also find the information posted in the group daily. Don’t worry you will receive a special invitation prior to the start date.

How much does it cost?  Free sis! Which is a steal for the valuable information you will receive along with many freebies that will hit your inbox all week long!

I promise you will experience seven magical, life-changing days if you apply what you learn.

Ready to BOSS UP and create the life you desire and deserve? Register FREE below.

I look forward to the honor of being a point of light in your life.