Loneliness and Purpose

Yesterday, I was reflecting on a time when I was surrounded by many people yet felt completely alone. At the time there was a very obvious void in my life, but I couldn’t figure out what was missing. That feeling seemed to tug at me calling for me to withdraw and spend time in solitude. Can you relate?

How could I feel alone in the presence of so many people?

Many of the people who surrounded me weren’t on the path I was being led on. They were often negative, closed minded, critical and un-supportive of the person I was becoming. “When you are elevating to higher ground you will leave some people behind.”

For me, that feeling of loneliness signified a need for change in order for a greater purpose to be fulfilled. It implied I had outgrown my current circle and was being called out to walk into the unfamiliar.

Dr. Cindy N. Trimm quoted “Loneliness isn’t the absence of people. Loneliness is the absence of purpose and when you find purpose the right people will come“. I

During my loneliness season, I was married to a minister, a mother of 4 and connected to a host of people. I decided to follow the urge and thirst for solitude (just me and God). As I followed it I was taken on the most amazing journey to uncovering the hidden seed of greatness within me. Since I became aware of and receptive to the voice from within I have never stopped following it. I was led on an inward journey to recognize who I am and the purpose for my existence.

Solitude was necessary to receive the breakthrough I desperately needed. I discovered what and whom God really is. I also found overwhelming peace I had never known. And baby! I found purpose and began to position myself to walk in it. It was then that my surroundings began to change.

I no longer tolerated relationships that drained me and failed to add value to my life. I developed a thirst to surround myself with positive people who were walking on the same path or were where I desired to be. People with the willingness to pour into me.

Finding your purpose will enable you to live an overall fulfilling life and defeat loneliness.

10 questions to ask yourself that will assist you in recognizing your unique purpose in the earth:

  1. What are your unique gifts that sets you apart from others?
  2. What are you passionate about? This is the thing that activates your excitement and gives you joy. Finding your passion will lead you to your purpose.
  3. When you enter a bookstore what kind of books do you gravitate to?
  4. What do your friends often turn to you for help with?
  5. What gives you a sense of fulfillment?
  6. What kind of people are you drawn to connect with?
  7. What do you dedicate your free time to?
  8. What do people often compliment you on?
  9. Who inspires you the most? And why?
  10. What would you desire to do most if you knew you would not fail?

Losing Faith In Relationships

So what do you do when you’ve lost faith in relationships? When you’ve experienced negative, draining relationships that set you back in life causing you to question the possibility of establishing something authentic?

Connections are something we can make instantly with another person based on our ability to resonate with another person, personality, character, similarities etc. However, finding the ability to connect with another individual doesn’t necessarily mean that person could serve as a potential mate.

I’ve often heard or read the statement “Don’t place people in positions in your life they don’t fit.” I wholeheartedly agree. We get entangled in relationships we should have never wound up in because we jump out into traffic without taking precautions. It’s that immature love… walking blind. Yes let’s call it what it is. I’ve made this mistake too.

Some people enter relationships emotionally needy. We all have emotional needs that must be met in relationships, however being emotionally needy is a completely different thing. It’s an indication that you need to focus on you and your emotional health as it announces past baggage.

Do you know what you desire in a relationship? What are your relationship needs? Where are you in the development of your relationship with self? Are you secure? Are you loving you or neglecting you? What do you bring to a relationship? What are your expectations of a future mate? What are deal breakers? What assures you that he or she has the potential to grow with you?

How many of the questions above have you ever asked yourself?

We have to be careful with who we allow into our lives. Protecting yourself isn’t just about practicing safe sex. Sometimes we need to go into reflection and determine what we need to change before jumping back into the dating game.

So, when you’ve lost faith in relationships it time to do some self reflecting and reassessing. Many times we are in fact what prevents us from creating healthy relationships. Are you honoring yourself or being a doormat? What boundaries have you created? Are you secure? Emotionally healthy?

How you present yourself makes a difference. I’m not saying that you are responsible for the actions of other people, but I’m saying you are responsible for whom you allow into relationship with you. I’m telling you that you need to be whole, be clear about what you’re looking for and have a strategic plan to both obtain and nurture it.  That also means you must have the ability to decipher where people belong in your life and say no to relationships that do not reflect who you are, the direction your life is headed in or what you desire.

Keep your why in mind for establishing relationships.

Owning Your Personal Power

What comes to mind when you think of personal power?

My definition of personal power is a person’s innate ability to claim possession over their destiny – choices, emotions, actions and outlook. Sounds powerful right?  Are there areas of your life where you may need to reclaim your power?

Are you tolerating things that drain you?  Maybe you allow people and circumstances to cause your emotions to shift like the wind… Is that happening to you?  When you learn to master owning your personal power you begin to release things that stunt your growth.  Releasing those things enable you to live an empowered life, learn to embody your truth and live authentically.

As a young ministers wife who was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt I was in need of something that would help me reposition my life.  I was tolerating a marriage where I was emotionally and spiritually abused. I met an older woman who would tell me I just needed to open my mouth.  She didn’t know how deep my personal circumstances were, but she could tell that I was very broken.  She would encourage me to scream and I thought this chick has to be crazy.

As I started my own spiritual journey I began to understand that woman wasn’t crazy, but she was helping me reclaim my power by finding my own voice and recognizing its power.  It was the beginning of my breakthrough and the end of my silence. From there came the awareness of the power of words and the power behind acts of faith – taking a step toward what you desire with the belief that it would soon become reality.

As I started to understand the power of my voice, my prayers and my intentions, I began to understand that I truly create my reality which showed me that I had the power to alter my destiny.  At any time if I didn’t like something in my life I had the power to recreate.  I was the one who could determine how I felt at all times. I was in charge of setting and maintaining my atmosphere despite what other people around me did or said.

One of the greatest keys to self-management is understanding your power and learning to own it.

Signs that you are failing to own your personal power:

  • Feelings of inferiority and defeat
  • Self-doubt
  • Seeking validation or approval from others
  • Allowing others to control your actions, decisions or emotions
  • Serving as a people pleaser
  • Playing the blame game – blaming others for the condition of your life or circumstances
  • Failure to express your truth
  • Allowing others to misuse or abuse you

Benefits of learning to own your personal power:

  • You gain control of your emotions, thoughts and actions
  • You live and walk in your authentic truth
  • You gain responsibility for your life and your happiness
  • Gain sincere belief in your own ability to perform and succeed – kicking the need for validation.
  • The ability to love freely without conditions
  • Learn how to say NO
  • Set healthy boundaries

Tips to help you start exercising your power:

  • Exercise the power of your voice – Speak up! Your voice matters.
  • Start taking responsibility for your life – every time you blame someone for where you currently are you give away your personal power.
  • Practice saying NO – Let your no be your no and your yes be your yes.
  • Start spending time with yourself – acknowledge who you are, your talents, skills, desires, and personality traits. Start doing mirror work.
  • Practice seeing yourself as a powerful co-creator

Seven Signs He’s Not The One

When you’re on the dating scene you want to determine early on if he is worth the investment of your time and attention. Many of us ladies are on a mission and can’t afford wasted time entertaining Mr. Wrong.  Sometimes discovering that the guy you want to spend your life with isn’t the one is a hard pill to swallow. But look sis, either you’re going to entertain your own heartache or get focused on connecting with someone who you truly have potential to grow and build a life with. The truth is when a woman gets in tune with what she desires in a life-long partner and what she’s worth she does a better job weeding out Mr. Wrong.

So, lets check out the following 7 signs that he is NOT the one.

#1. You have to Wonder If He’s The One

If you’re spending time wondering if he’s the one for you there is a strong possibility he isn’t. When you finally meet “the one” it’s going to be a free-flowing natural non-forced connection. The two of you will fit together like a missing puzzle piece you’ve searched for your entire life.  If you’re constantly wondering where you fit in his life it’s time to move on sis. The man who is meant to be in your life won’t allow you to stay in confusion wondering where you fit in his life he will make it known and clear.

#2. Still Holding On To Past Baggage

If your mate is stuck is the past constantly dragging all of their baggage into the new relationship let it go. Every individual needs the time and space for their own healing. Hurting people hurt people and unresolved past pain/baggage is at the forefront. A man will never be able to give you anything he can’t give to himself. Likewise, you will never be able to give a man anything that you can’t give to yourself.

#3. No Vision/Future Goals

Let’s just be real here… if he has no vision he can’t lead himself nor you anywhere. Life is constantly changing and we are constantly growing and evolving. You’ve got to have a road map for the direction you desire your life to move in and you can’t build with a man who has no direction. The two of you will never walk together.

#4. Lack of Common Values

In order for a relationship to thrive a couple needs to have values that are in alignment. If your mates values oppose yours you will encounter major issues throughout the relationship. It takes strong minded individuals to find the ability to compromise and respect individuality, however don’t allow yourself to end up in a situation where you are compromising who you are and compromising your integrity to hold on to another person. When you find yourself in that position it’s time to let go.

#5. He Doesn’t Accept You For Who You Are

I’m gonna get straight to the point here because I love you and I want you to be happy!

If he doesn’t accept you for who you are he doesn’t respect nor value YOU. The reality is he isn’t in relationship with you, but the idea of who he wants you to become. This guy doesn’t deserve your attention. Value the worth of who you are enough to deny anyone the ability to undermine it. When we rid ourselves of the things that clutter and complicate our lives we make room to receive what we truly desire. The man who is for you will give you permission to be freely unapologetically YOU – embracing the essence and beauty of who you are.

#6. He’s Doesn’t Support/Cover You 

Your man won’t always agree with every decision you make, but when it comes to success, goals, dreams etc he will support you. If he doesn’t protect you, pray for you and doesn’t showcase his love for you he isn’t the one.

#7. Lack Of Respect

In relationships you must be clear with about how you want to be treated. If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t listen to what you have to say, is always unkind to you, disrespects you, your family, friends or children he doesn’t respect you. If he is physically or verbally abusive toward you let it go. Lack of respect is an absolute deal breaker sis he is not the one. If a man doesn’t respect you he will never view you as his life partner and you will live a miserable life. You are worth so much more.






Racial Disparities In Health Care

Is medical care in the United States truly the best in the world?

The United States has prided itself as having the best health care system in the world and is often seen as the best when considering tangible available options on the road to recovery. The truth is the U.S. has a technological advantage however, many unfair practices exist within the flawed discriminatory health care system.

While many American’s in the United States have poor health and receive minimum health care, racism and white privilege continues to have a significant impact on black and minority communities. As a result, Black Americans often receive poor medical care and die younger at a much higher rate than white counterparts. After considering the effects of a lack of education, minimum access to quality and affordable health care, poor housing and income restrictions research still proves the alarming affect on minorities are relatively higher. The Common Wealth Fund has noted than even when both black and white recipients are in the same income bracket blacks still receive less quality care.

There has been a considerable amount of research that suggests many white primary care doctors fail to deliver proper care to black patients as a result of superficial non-scientific assumption that black people can bare more than whites. Some of those assumptions include the suggestion that black people have tougher skin and can handle higher levels of pain and suffering therefore, administering less effective care that is justified in their minds. These beliefs prove that cultural misconceptions play a major role in the lack of quality care received from doctors. A couple of other cultural misconceptions suggest that black people are less deserving and some even suggest that black Americans have supernatural abilities. In a 2014 research study, it was concluded that whites super-humanize blacks which directly affects their ability to provide equal quality care.

This isn’t a new issue it is a widespread epidemic which has occurred throughout the United States since African Americans were robbed of their identity and likened unto insignificant creatures who are inferior to and less deserving than white America. In a day and age where black people were used as experimental projects to improve the health of white America, used to train white medical students and stripped of the human right to life. Racism did not dissipate after the Civil Right’s movement. Contrary to many current arguments blatant forms of racism still exist, however it tends to rear it’s ugly face through more subtle acts while continuing to dominate within the health care system.

The mistrust that many black Americans have with health care providers and health studies is a direct result of previous treatment, disregard for human life and a denial of appropriate care. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a research report in 2007 indicating many expressed sentiments felt by African Americans who have a lack of trust in our current system. The facts mentioned therein detour many  from seeking preventative care and therefore struggling with undiagnosed illnesses which also leads to a higher mortality rate.

What are some of the things you believe can be done to begin rectifying this widespread failure within the healthcare system?







Nurturing Your Children’s Gifts

Parents are completely responsible for shaping the health and well-being of their children. Children are also unique spiritual beings who are continuously growing, evolving and creating from within. Listed below are some steps on how you, as a parent, can help nurture and develop your child’s gifts.

  1. Observation is important. Look closely at your child and what appears to intrigue or peak your child’s interest.
  2. Engage your child. After you have discovered what gives your son or daughter pleasure and exactly where his or her interests are allow the room and opportunities to explore those interests. Study your relationship by extending the range of your pursuits together. Be open to extending your child’s relationships beyond their close family. Include relatives, friends of both opposite and the same sex, as well as other responsible adults.
  3. Expose your child to many different activities. Try art, music, or sports. Go to museums, play different games, take hikes and be imaginative. As your child grows up you will notice exactly what he or she keeps returning to. It might not be what your child is naturally the best at, but what really brings him or most pleasure.
  4. Build self-esteem. Challenge your child by motivating him or her to take action themselves. Maintain raising the bar a bit on your expectations while keeping the child’s level of growth in mind. Communicate that you are pleased whenever there is an accomplishment; even if it’s a small accomplishment or the child has done a better job than the day before.
  5. Talk about activities daily. Ask questions about what your child did in school, with friends, and after school. Figure out what your child really enjoyed about his/her day and their activities and what they would love to do tomorrow.

Believe that your child might not be as great at or interested in your chosen activities and give them room to explore.

  1. Support imagination and innovation. Inspire your child to use all his experiences and parts of his body in many different ways. Motivate exploration and inquiry; stay away from jumping on mistakes, but be a teacher. Motivate your child to think of and express his fantasies and vision for the future through writing, painting, music as well as other kinds of artistic and creative expression.
  2. Do not expect perfection. It is good for kids to make some mistakes. Train your child never to be afraid of making mistake, but to learn something from his or her mistakes.

Motivate your child to try challenging activities, to try new things, and to follow his or her passions.

  1. Aid logical thinking. Assist your children in making sense of the world. Tune into your son or daughter, reacting to their signs and challenging him or her to respond to you. Help your child realize that what he or she does makes a difference and has an impact on self as well as others. Teach your child different ways of looking at a problem.
  2. Praise your children often. Give a lot of encouragement, support and positive feedback in support of your child’s endeavors, dreams and success in life. Don’t compare your child to others (siblings, relatives, friends etc.). Each child is unique. Children have different learning styles, personalities, different ways of expressing themselves, different goals, desires and they have different needs. Encourage your child to be they are and not what others would have them to be. What works for one won’t always work for the other. It’s their unique individual make-up.
  3. Compliment effort not ability. Complimenting effort is very important for not just nurturing your child’s gift but also developing their self-esteem. By complimenting the effort you’re developing your child’s self-esteem, self-confidence and ability. It takes effort to develop gifts. Even kids that are gifted still have to work hard to build their natural gifts.

Give resources to develop your child’s interests. Provide them with an abundant learning environment that promotes their growth and helps develop their gifts.

Let’s Talk About Depression: Why We Suffer in Silence

Depression… something people aren’t open to discussing in the black community, but it’s an issue we need to become more comfortable talking about. When we don’t discuss this issue we are left to struggle in silence.


Why we don’t seek the help we need to conquer depression:

Myths we believe.

As a black woman I can attest to the fact that we are not open and honest about our internal battles due to fear of shame. We don’t want stigmas attached to us that are associated with mental health barriers. How many times have you heard someone with a serious mental health barrier being told they need to stop acting like a “bitch” or stop being “weak”? Unfortunately, many of us don’t have an awareness of the realities of mental illness. We suppress the pain we feel, when the pain is an indication that an inner change is required. Depression is not a sign of weakness. It’s time to put an end to the myths we hold about depression.

We tend to normalize depression.

Depression is not normal. Depression isn’t something we have the ability to just “get over” either. Healing is a process that takes verbalization, treatment (therapy), time and patience with self.

Depression, as defined by the Mayo Clinic, is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest also known as major depressive disorder or clinical depression.

Every thing in your life that has an impact on you has a root. When I hear the word root I think of the beginning where something started. What I have noticed is depression creeps in when there is a lack of ownership of personal power and when we are out of touch with who we are. Something happens that causes a total shift in the way we think and perceive truth.

I have personally battled depression and it is a constant journey to maintain joy and inner peace.

Symptoms of depression:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, worthlessness, inadequacy, hopelessness and despair
  • Excessive crying and anxiety
  • Lack of appetite
  • A loss of desire to engage in normal activities and routines, lack of energy and fatigue
  • A lack of sleep or sleeping too much
  • Not eating or overeating
  • Suicidal threats or thoughts about death
  • Difficulty making decisions or thinking
  • Digestive issues and pain and or headaches

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression I urge you to speak to a doctor who can properly assess you and refer you to a mental health specialist. Don’t battle depression alone. Many black people often turn to spiritual leaders. Though spiritual leaders are good avenues to turn to for spiritual counseling they do not hold the expertise to diagnose and treat depression.

If you are currently uninsured check out free community health centers to access available options that are publicly funded.


National Suicide Prevention Line (800) 273-8255 Available 24/7

Milwaukee Crisis Line (414 257-7222 Available 24/7




Why Black Women Are Dope


Too often we hear negatives and stereotypes placed on black women and why some black men choose not to date us. Many of these complaints come from black men who have been hurt by a black woman who doesn’t understand the black man, a black man who lacks understanding of the black woman or a woman who blames other women for her own inner flaws (failure to attract what she desires). I choose to celebrate myself and the beauty of black women as well as the things that make us so damn dope.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t all bitter, broken, angry, gold diggers or hard to please. My definition of a strong black woman is a woman with the ability to overcome all odds and persevere. She is a woman who knows her worth and demands it. A woman who gives from a place of unconditional love, but also understands that in her giving she must acknowledge, love and give to herself.

So, what makes black women so dope? Check out the short list below and feel free to comment and add your thoughts on what makes black women dope.

Black Women Are Resilient

No matter what has been thrown in her path, she has the strength and determination to rise above her circumstances and recreate herself. Though she falls down she is naturally wired to stand back up. She won’t allow the voice of negativity to drown out her own inner voice nor determine her future. She’s is often the glue that holds her family together and the gentle, but firm guidance that keeps her home in alignment with purpose.

She Isn’t Afraid to Speak Out

A woman’s voice is key to breakthrough, self expression and self discovery. She understands that her voice matters and if she never speaks out she will never be heard. She understands that her voice has a purpose and is often the voice for those who have been stripped of their own. She executes wisdom when she speaks and speaks without fear of judgement.

Her Validation Comes From Within

She doesn’t feel the need to seek validation from outside sources. She is aware of her worth as a woman. She is aware of her strengths and weaknesses and works diligently to become better. She honors her brilliance and celebrates her life and accomplishments. She is her biggest cheerleader and acknowledges that her greatest guidance comes from divine intelligence found within.

She Loves Unconditionally

She has been graced with a beautiful heart. She chooses to love instead of harboring resentment and anger.

She Is A Woman With Vision

She has an ambitious spirit with clear vision for her life. She not only has the ability to give birth to her own vision, but she has the natural ability to nurture and assist in the manifestation of the vision of others.

Black Women Age Gracefully

As black women age their beauty is much like fine wine it only gets better over time.

20 Businesses You Can Create Now

Coming into 2017 I heard many people discuss their financial struggles. From not having enough to make ends meet, the lack of resources and opportunities within black communities and the expenses that come along with pursuing a higher education. Overtime, I have also heard cries for help from many men and women who have invested in education and remain underpaid or unemployable in their chosen field. On the other hand, there are people who have solely depended on their job and still hit rock bottom because it gave them no financial security.

The truth is employers aren’t always reliable or loyal to their employees. That’s why it is ideal to create more than one income stream and start thinking in terms of creating financial wealth through entrepreneurial efforts. If you get to know the average black American struggling to make ends meet you will discover that he or she has many different talents and skills that could potentially transform their finances. I have always been a firm believer that every individual should exercise power over their financial state which is why I have comprised the list below.

I hope that the following 20 ideas will be helpful to you in your pursuit of increasing your cash flow in 2017. If nothing else, it will get you thinking in terms of allowing your gifts to make room for you by turning your gifts, skills and talents into income.

Amazon/ Re-seller – Many people have built a business selling products and merchandise via Amazon and leveraging the power of reselling to supplement their current income while others decide to build a career. There is tons of information on the web on getting started with amazon. Check out the following articles: A Beginner’s Guide for Starting an Amazon FBA Business.  How to Sell on Amazon For Beginners: It’s Easier Than You Think! Here’s How…

Babysitting – If you have a special love for children and interact great with them this is a great option. Different states have different requirements on the number of children you can have in your care without being registered. For more information on specific regulations in your state click HERE.

Blogging – Of course I included blogging! If you have enough knowledge to make blogging work for you it can be a rewarding hustle. There are many ways you can monetize your blog.

I’ll give you a few examples: #1 Create a brand producing eye catching, quality content and products that speaks to your audience. #2 Set up affiliate accounts – every time traffic from your blog is directed to another website or online retailer and a purchase is made you also make a percentage from that sale. #3 Sell advertising space on your blog. #4 There are many companies and causes that will pay you to write about them or their product. As with any new business venture you must start somewhere. A blog has the potential to bring in either little or massive income. How to Make Money as A Blogger

Book-keeping – This is an opportunity that can be very rewarding and continues to be in high demand. Many people believe that in order to see real success when beginning a business in this field you must have a ton of knowledge and have great math skills however, that isn’t fact. Here is a complete free training that will give you a ton of insight to starting a book-keeping business: New Training Show’s How to Start Your Own Book-keeping Business

Coaching – Are you knowledgeable in a specific area? Are you great at teaching a particular skill? Coaching continues to be a fast growing industry. From motivation, to business development, creating healthy relationships to marketing. Package and price your knowledge and profit!

Creating and selling e-books – Creating e-books can be a great way to gain exposure, build credibility and profit. What is your business? Many entrepreneurs have created e-books from instructional to workbooks and even self- help books. Visit the following links for more information: Writer’s Digest and “How to Create and Sell An E-book“.

Creating Online Courses/ Training Videos – What can you teach others? Examples: couponing classes, hair tutorials, public speaking, self help etc.

Dance Lessons/Team – Are you a dancer, stepper or praise dancer? Have you ever considered teaching community classes for adults or children? Teaching or putting together a performance team in your community can become a great side hustle. Starting A Dance Studio at Home With No Money: A Complete Guide.

DJ-ing – How to Become A DJ: The Ultimate Guide

Gift Basket – My very first business was indeed a gift basket business. This business has great potential as a side hustle or a full time business. Gift Basket Business

Ghostwriting – If you have a passion for writing this could be a great opportunity for you. You can do anything from writing content for websites and companies to ghostwriting books. Here are a few helpful links to help you determine if ghostwriting is for you and how to get started. Street Directory: How to Start A Ghost Writing BusinessBusiness Idea: Ghost Writing, and How to Become A Successful Ghost Writer.

Hair Braiding – There are 11 states within the united States that do not require a cosmetology license to operate as a braider. This is a business you can get into with little to no investment and ultimately expand. Be sure to check with your state to determine what you will need to operate legally.

Home Based Makeup Artist – If you’re great at doing make-up applications and you’re often the go to person when your friends want to get beautified for their night out this could be a great side hustle for you.  How to Start A Freelance Makeup Business and Going Independent: How to Establish your Own Makeup Artist Business.

Join Upwork – Upwork is a platform for many freelancers such as writers, customer service agents, web designers, sales and marketing experts and more. You’d be amazed at how many people are looking for the services you can provide.

Musical Lessons – Many people are naturally gifted in sound or instrument. If you are skilled enough to offer lessons check out Music Lessons Resource they have a ton of information that can help you on your new journey.

Pastry shop/Bakery – Are you great at baking cakes, pies and other pastries? You can generate cash flow by offering your talent and service to consumers looking to purchase custom made cakes or other baked goods. Here is a couple of helpful links from Forbes and the SBA “Turning Baking into Business”So, You’d Like to Start A Home-based Baking Business: Now What?

Photography – This is another option that could potentially be a great business venture. Your success in this field as in any business depends on your drive and what you put into making your brand stand out. Your brand should cause you to stand out from every other competitor in your industry.

Public Speaker – The key to making a profit with public speaking is positioning yourself as an expert and building your credibility. You will also want to be consistent with your marketing efforts. Here is a guide to help you build your public speaking business on a budget. Click >>HERE<< for more information.

Sell Your Photos – Do you take great photos? You can sell your photos online and make a profit on sites such as iStock and Shutterstock.

Web Design Business – There are many pros to starting a web design business. For starters there is no requirement for office space, start-up costs are very low and it’s a flexible business where you can work only part time. That makes it a great option for college students or moms who would like more time at home with their children. Another great fact is web design is in high demand. Practically every business is in need of an online presence and more and more businesses are beginning to harness the power of the world-wide web.