Six Hacks for Staying Motivated

So sis, you got really motivated recently. Maybe you saw an awesome speaker or got a stinging dose of honesty from a friend or family member. But initial motivation often fades…so here are a few ways to keep that motivation going strong.   Remember the pain points. In sales lingo, pain points are problems that … Continue reading Six Hacks for Staying Motivated

You Are The Creator of Your Own Destiny

Do you believe you have the power to choose the direction of your life? Or do you believe life just happens to us? What if I told you tomorrow is based off the decisions we make today? I had a conversation with my daughter a few days ago regarding the power of CHOICE and her … Continue reading You Are The Creator of Your Own Destiny

Creating Internal and External Abundance

What is the one thing you can change that has the potential to change everything? I often look back over my life at a time where I was emotionally broken, spiritually displaced and living in financial lack. I always thought if I just had more money I could change everything. But would money truly rid … Continue reading Creating Internal and External Abundance

8 Tips To Help You Get Over A Bad Breakup

  I definitely know how hard it can be when you're working toward getting over a bad breakup. I understand the feelings of betrayal and loneliness... Not to mention the crying spells and the emotional roller-coaster. Going from angry, to isolating yourself, and wanting to bargain to patch things up knowing that it will never … Continue reading 8 Tips To Help You Get Over A Bad Breakup