8 Tips To Help You Get Over A Bad Breakup

  I definitely know how hard it can be when you're working toward getting over a bad breakup. I understand the feelings of betrayal and loneliness... Not to mention the crying spells and the emotional roller-coaster. Going from angry, to isolating yourself, and wanting to bargain to patch things up knowing that it will never … Continue reading 8 Tips To Help You Get Over A Bad Breakup

Are you surrounded by people yet feeling alone?

The feeling of loneliness signifies a need for change in order for a greater purpose to be fulfilled. It implies that you have outgrown your current circle or you are being called out to seek and walk into the unknown. Dr. Cindy N. Trimm quoted "Loneliness isn't the absence of people. Loneliness is the absence of purpose and when you find purpose the right people will come". I couldn't agree with her more.

Racial Disparities In Health Care

Is medical care in the United States truly the best in the world? The United States has prided itself as having the best health care system in the world and is often seen as the best when considering tangible available options on the road to recovery. The truth is the U.S. has a technological advantage … Continue reading Racial Disparities In Health Care

Let’s Talk About Depression: Why We Suffer in Silence

Depression... something people aren't open to discussing in the black community, but it's an issue we need to become more comfortable talking about. When we don't discuss this issue we are left to struggle in silence. Why we don't seek the help we need to conquer depression: Myths we believe. As a black woman I … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Depression: Why We Suffer in Silence