Six Hacks for Staying Motivated

So sis, you got really motivated recently. Maybe you saw an awesome speaker or got a stinging dose of honesty from a friend or family member. But initial motivation often fades…so here are a few ways to keep that motivation going strong.   Remember the pain points. In sales lingo, pain points are problems that … Continue reading Six Hacks for Staying Motivated

Wholesale Clothing & Shoe Vendor’s

For my readers with plans to open their own boutique or clothing store in 2020  I have compiled a list of clothing and shoe wholesalers. This will give you a start to finding the products you desire to sell and securing vendors. The list below is comprised of 44 apparel vendors and 14 shoe vendors. … Continue reading Wholesale Clothing & Shoe Vendor’s

Rewriting the Script With Affirmative Prayer

Over the past week affirming (spoken word), energy and intent is all I've spoken about. I have connected with a group of amazing black women who are committed to manifesting their best lives and I effin love it! Anyway, if you know me you know a sista believes deeply in the power of prayer with … Continue reading Rewriting the Script With Affirmative Prayer

Creating Internal and External Abundance

What is the one thing you can change that has the potential to change everything? I often look back over my life at a time where I was emotionally broken, spiritually displaced and living in financial lack. I always thought if I just had more money I could change everything. But would money truly rid … Continue reading Creating Internal and External Abundance