Rewriting the Script With Affirmative Prayer

Over the past week affirming (spoken word), energy and intent is all I’ve spoken about. I have connected with a group of amazing black women who are committed to manifesting their best lives and I effin love it! Anyway, if you know me you know a sista believes deeply in the power of prayer with intent. Since this has been my focus this week and I understand the power behind spoken word I decided to share the idea of affirmative prayers with you. This has simply been the process of me speaking to my current state and declaring my future.


Just to give you a little bit of background, affirmative prayer is the highest form of expressed thought and intent. It’s about releasing negative energy, attachments, thoughts and complacency with your current state. You are in turn declaring spiritual truths and setting powerful intent for the manifestation of your desired outcome with I am statements.

Sis, I encourage you to start practicing affirmative prayer. Before I enter into prayer, I like to sit in silence and focus on aligning my energy. Everyone has their own routine I say do whatever works for you. You can also write your prayers and speak them aloud. Your voice is powerful don’t be afraid to release your sound. Happy Affirming!

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