Getting Rid of Old Attachments and Baggage

Everyone has different reasons why they have held on to past baggage and attachments. Sometimes trauma endured in either childhood or adult life detours our lives from the vision we once had. Unhealthy relationships and experiences (whether it be family relationships, marriages, friendships, being violated, betrayal or word curses) have the ability to change the course of our lives.

Have you ever given up on goals you’ve set for yourself because someone in your life who held significance said you couldn’t do it? Has a parent, aunt, grandmother or sibling told you you’d never be anything, no one would love you or condemned you to a particular thing or position in life? Even if it was’t the truth those words damaged you and maybe even permeated your life.

Some of the men and women we’ve once looked up to haven’t had the greatest role models nor been equipped with the proper tools to navigate life. Ever heard the saying hurt people hurt people? It’s true. A person can’t give you something they don’t have.

Have you ever been in an intimate relationship with someone who tore you down mentally? Abused you financially, emotionally or spiritually? It hurts. It changes you.

When we’re in the developmental stages we have less control over how people are allowed to affect our lives. Therefore, we often become a product of our environment. We tend to have a hard time deciphering between normal and abnormal as adults because we’ve been introduced to dysfunction and in our development stages. However, there are times in our adult lives where we simply give other’s too much power because we don’t recognize who we are.

Too often we allow people to strip us of our voices, relinquishing our ability to choose. We allow people to tell us who we are and what we’re worth instead of announcing who we are and refusing to settle. At some point we get tired and crave something better than what we have tolerated. We begin to identify what we no longer want present in our lives, but don’t know how to break the cycle. No matter what we do we keep getting the same results. Sound familiar? This happens when a person has not unidentified with those old attachments.

Let me give you a scenario for a negative attachment developed in childhood…

A young girls body starts to develop at a young age. The mother, lacking the knowledge to educate her child on her physical and hormonal changes, demeans and condemns the child through spoken word. Mom doesn’t understand that her words are damaging her child who will now carry the energy her mother created leaving her with a flawed sense of self. Even if a particular word curse never manifests in a child’s life, the child will hold on to the energy due to the trauma behind the words until it is recognized and cleared.

The energy we carry can be identified by other people. That energy identifies itself as a weakness that make you vulnerable to a person who “preys” on others.

The mother doesn’t really see her child as the demeaning names she calls her. The mother simply has a lack of knowledge. The reality is mom is afraid of what could happen as a result of her child’s development along with the fact that the child is becoming self-aware. Mom feels her child is losing her innocence and thinks that her demeaning behavior will prevent her child from becoming the very thing she is unconsciously proclaiming.

So, how do we begin to release negative attachments?

Release Your Sound – Speak Truth to Old Attachments

Speak the truth of who you are to these old attachments. There is a great need to release your voice when you have been silent about how something has impacted your life. Give yourself permission to get it all out… Yell and cry if you need to. When you release the sound of your voice you are reclaiming your power and dismantling word curses that have been embedded into your subconscious and clearing that negative energy.

Think about what you have learned from the experience and how it can empower you.

What has your experience taught you about attachments and relationships? How can you use your new knowledge to positively impact the lives of those around you?

Release your anger/ unresolved emotion toward the other person and cleanse your energy.

There is power in forgiveness. Let go of your anger, resentment and disappointment toward individuals who have impacted your life in a negative manner and wish them well. Forgiving them gives you permission to be free and move your life forward. That unresolved emotion can serve as blockage to growth, healthy relationship and new experiences.

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