You Are The Creator of Your Own Destiny

Do you believe you have the power to choose the direction of your life? Or do you believe life just happens to us?

What if I told you tomorrow is based off the decisions we make today? I had a conversation with my daughter a few days ago regarding the power of CHOICE and her God given authority. It was that conversation that inspired this post.

It is every parents desire to see their children grow and become productive, respectable, and successful young leaders. I desire to change societal norms with my children and future grandchildren. My goal is to raise up children who are self-aware, emotionally healthy, culturally aware, mentally strong and wealthy. I want them to have the ability to navigate life and understand that life doesn’t merely happen to us but is created by us.


As a 17 year old I made a series of bad decisions that had a major impact on my life. So when I found myself in the position of a young, broke, misguided mother and wife I couldn’t point my finger at anyone, but myself. Do you know why? I’ll tell you… Because it was my decisions that gave birth to who I had become.

I didn’t have the advantage of a two parent household. I didn’t have a supportive loving mother nor family. I bounced in and out of the system between foster placement and family member, but I had the power of choice. I just didn’t use it. I bounced from one bad situation to another in my early adult life as I did in my childhood until finally, I had become a young, battered, broken, homeless, divorced single mother. When I finally understood the meaning behind “you are the driver of your own life” it was a game changer, but that understanding also demanded change.

It's Not too Late (1)

I had to accept the fact that I hadn’t been very responsible in my decision making, I needed to accept responsibility for the condition of my life, and start writing a new story. Writing a new story meant I had to make a series of decisions that would completely alter the direction of my life.  At the time I was busted and disgusted with my life, BUT I was aware and ready to take the driver seat.  I just had to…

Discover who and what I was which meant I had to discover who and what I wasn’t.

Start retraining the way I thought so I could see life through a new set of lenses.

I needed to start dispelling all of the religious lies I was taught and the word curses/ declarations spoken over my life that I accepted. Those were things that kept me a prisoner all those years.

I had to realize that I was still WORTHY of the life I desired to live despite where I was. You can’t create something you don’t believe you deserve.

Today’s affirmation: “I am the creator of my own destiny”.

Life is amazing if we believe it to be. You have the power to alter your destiny and write a new story. If you grieve the condition of your life always remember you are one decision away from change.

Your future is calling.

Love and Light,


8 thoughts on “You Are The Creator of Your Own Destiny

  1. Tyeandra

    This was right on time sis ❤️🙌🏾 I just told my daughter last night that her words have power . You are so right I’m still making decisions to reverse some of the irresponsible decisions I’ve made as well. Keep writing boo I love it 🥰

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  2. C. Jaye

    Listen!!! Words mean things and words definitely have power. The Bible tells you that life and death lie within the power of the tongue. So, what you SAY means something. If you are spewing positive things, then that will come to you and the same with negative things. You have to believe what you are saying and that intention is what brings forth or puts power into your words. I love that you are sharing this with your child. You have to teach them early to be careful with how they talk to others and more importantly themselves. It all matters! Great post!!

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  3. Tasia Hernandez

    Love this! I was a teen mom and listen, you can turn anything around. That’s for the motivation momma. You can do anything you put your mind to. You can rewrite your story a million times until you’re satisfied. No excuses!!!

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  4. rellmu

    You are in control of your own reality is written on numerous walls in my apartment as a reminder that the decisions I make set my life up to be exactly the way it is. This article was confirmation that I am on the right track. Love and light

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  5. lunasballad

    Nice post. We do have the power to change our circumstances. I used to be very harsh on myself whenever I messed up but, I started forgiving myself and realizing that I am human and I’m going to make mistakes. My attitude has gotten better and I can see some changes happening.


  6. Denay Stroy

    This post spoke to me in so many ways. There’s power in positive thinking. Been trying to get someone that means the world to me to understand this. Fabulous post!


  7. LeShelle, host of MRTV

    *Throws love offering at computer screen* Preach sis! God has given us the authority to conquer any issue that may come our way – even the self-inflicted ones. We live and learn. Some lessons we have to repeat but the beauty is the 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th time we are can apply what we learned when we fell/failed. The growth is motivating; we start to see challenges as opportunities to flex our faith and our destiny is fulfilled.


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