Introducing the Redefining Me Series


Hey loves! So its been a while since I’ve made a blog post for many reasons, but one in particular. This is the space where I choose to be transparent – completely open and honest about my life and I have failed in some areas to live in that truth. I haven’t felt free since shortly after publishing my last post “I Said Yes”. I went backwards becoming entangled in unhealthy relationships with a man, family and associates. In the midst of re-evaluating my life over the past two weeks I have gained a sense of direction and made the decision to disconnect from many things in respect to reconnecting to God and my true self.

I have decided to do some soul cleansing… Getting rid of mental, emotional and spiritual baggage in order for me to take control of my life and come into alignment with God’s purpose. I wasn’t confident about doing this publicly until after my pastors spoke about how pertinent journaling is to my breakthrough. Therefore, I decided doing this openly could be a great experience for myself and others. I’m sure I’m not the only person trying to find my way and maneuver through life’s hurdles.

I have decided to do a blog series “Redefining Me” as a part of my personal process of healing and redefining my life. Each week I will share where I am, what I’m working on overcoming and the steps I’m taking to do so. You will get to share my journey with me… Highs and lows. I still have no idea what all will come out of this process, but I do KNOW that the growth will be undeniable. I’m a firm believer that every individual is always one decision away from change and has the ability to change the entire trajectory of their life.

I know that I have the power to co-create taking hold of my destiny. I understand that life doesn’t just happen to us life responds. I’m dedicating the next three months to recreating myself and creating the life I desire – the life that God has already predestinated. Its my desire to break the yoke of bondage and move beyond this stage of my life. I’m tired of walking in circles making the same mistakes.

I’m excited about the time period I have set aside. My process won’t end in three months its a continual process, but this is my spiritual breaking. This is perfect timing to renew my faith and rid myself of dead weight. Almost two months ago I relocated and connected with a TRUE and AMAZING ministry. Despite some of my personal challenges I’m happy with the direction I’m headed in.

This series is going to be real and raw as I face my fears and challenges. I’m going to speak on real life issues as it relates to my life and how I ended up in my current state. I will cover my relationships, past abuse, current spiritual state, personal struggles, parenting, and more. I won’t post daily, but I will keep everyone in the loop. Look out for my post tomorrow.

Btw this blog is undergoing major changes during the month of October to align with its purpose and get clear on our message.

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