Getting Clear on My Intention


I woke up this morning wearing the biggest smile filled with excitement! Why? Because I’m reclaiming my life! So today my goal is simple… Get clear on my intention and set the atmosphere.

My home has always been my sanctuary. It’s my place of peace and often my escape when I need solitude. Today I’ve spent a lot of time praying over this journey to healing, talking to God and writing a new declaration over my life. Prayer is the one thing that has the ability to go where no man can go. Over the course of the last two year’s I have spoken a lot about the power of spoken words and how words can bring forth life or death. Throughout the beginning of this series I will be managing the things I speak in regard to my life and everything connected to me i.e. my children, workplace, finances, relationships, goals, career etc.

So this week as I set my intention I’m covering the following:

  • Meditation – establishing inner stillness and peace.
  • Prayer – intimate conversation with the creator.
  • Self Talk – the way I speak and the things I choose to give life to.
  • Writing my vision – what I desire to get out of this focused journey.
  • Creating a vision board – how I plan to manifest my vision
  • Personal commitment – my commitment and personal accountability to staying focused throughout this journey. *I am my own personal cheerleader!

I have gathered most of the supplies I need to create my vision board which I will start working on tonight. A vision board is simply a creative visual of what you seek to obtain or accomplish. The materials I am using is a cardboard, colored pencils, magazine cut-outs, glue, decorations, positive quotes, scriptures, scissors, stickers, letters and anything else I can get my hands on to create a jazzy board. Most of my supplies I have found at dollar tree and family dollar. I’m not really looking to create the most beautiful vision board. I simply want my vision in plain view as a motivator and reminder of what I aim to accomplish over the next three months.

I will update this post later to share pictures of my vision board with you all. Thank you for taking this journey with me!

Stay tuned it’s going to get real soon y’all! If you have questions or certain details you’d like me to share regarding this post feel free to complete the contact form on this site. I will cover all reasonable requests in the next post.


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