There Is Always An Open Door


“Lack of money is not an obstacle. Lack of money only becomes an obstacle when we view it as such.”

I’ve realized that no matter what you’re facing there is always an open door.  Sometimes it is our impatience and lack of stillness that prevents us from recognizing divine intervention and leading. The doors that are open for us to walk through don’t always look appealing… In the face of adversity they never do, but once you walk through them you find divine provision! We miss these doors every day because we either don’t think they are available to us or our minds simply can’t comprehend them because we have taken on societal standards.

As a result, sometimes our want becomes greater than our ability to understand that building something great is an intricate process. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Many people spend years walking past open doors trying to accomplish something that could now be an empire that will sustain their family for generations to come if they had simply recognized and walked through the open door.

When I first felt God saying Marie slow down… I was trying to force things into position on my own accord. I wanted things to work my way, but obviously life was steering me into another direction. Y’all should have seen it I had an amazing plan lol. However, my plan wasn’t God’s plan. I didn’t realize that everything I needed to get out of my mess was literally right in front of me, but I finally get it. I wanted to bypass all of the lessons that were necessary to get where I wanted to be.

“In order to obtain your hearts greatest desires you’re going to have to give up some things.”

It’s true, faith without works is DEAD FAITH, but if God’s provision is God’s word and promise to you no matter how much wickedness in high places stand against you there will always be an open door. Be willing to walk through it in faith knowing that whatever your hearts desire is it is available to you. When you open your mouth and your hearts plea goes forth into the atmosphere the universe conspires on your behalf… Your ACT of faith is when you acknowledge and accept the help and WORK toward creating your hearts desire with open eyes and your vision mapped out. This is often the message people misconstrue in the Bible verse that tells us God will grant us the desires of our hearts.

There is what many people refer to as a breaking period. This is simply the process of ridding yourself of things that are a threat to your future. It’s a fact that nothing and no one can dominate your life without your permission. However, we all find on our journey to greater that there are people who are not for us, but rather bring negative energy into our lives. No matter what you are doing in life these are the people who will never be happy for you nor have your best interest at heart. There are some habits that need to be broken as well as our own negative stinking thinking.

In the opening of this post I said money is not an obstacle. We often blame money for our lack, but the truth is every resource we need is readily accessible. We free up the money we need when we realize it. Recognize who you are and you will understand your divine inheritance.

“We don’t have a money deficiency. What we have is an information deficiency.  Knowledge is power!”

May the wisdom of God guide you along your journey.

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