Tips for Creating a Healthy Relationship

It’s not your physical appearance, your fortune, your good job or your wealth that’s responsible for creating a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Check out these six tips for creating healthy relationships:

  1. Focus on creating a healthy relationship with YOU.

The type of relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will have which sets the tone for the relationships you create with others. How healthy is your self-esteem? Do you have a positive, healthy self-image? The way other people treat you is a direct reflection of how you treat yourself. If you lack confidence in your own ability you will notice that others will be uncertain of your abilities also. Practice taking care of yourself and creating the relationship with the man or woman you see in the mirror that you want to create with others. Remember happiness is an inside job and we attract what we are.

  1. Learn how to compromise, however not all the time.

Relationships are based upon finding the equality. It’s good to meet halfway from time to time, that’s how our life is. Just don’t overdo it. Do not often be the person making all compromises because this will destroy your self-esteem. Find the proper times to give and take.  You want to create a healthy balance.

  1. Keep in mind that a relationship isn’t about owning your spouse/partner.

This is certainly a common problem experienced in many relationships that will drive one partner out the door. Things that could really damage a loving relationship are over-protectiveness and jealousy. Remember to give your partner the space to be who they are.

  1. Learn to hear, be open, see and interact.

Sit and have a calming chit chat with your mate. Discuss major issues and minor issues; share thoughts and ideas when you are communicating together. Don’t punish one another with silence and don’t go to bed angry. For a solid relationship, you must learn to have healthy discussions with your spouse. If chaos often arises when you engage in discussion create healthy boundaries you both can agree on.

  1. Create a weekly routine check-in.

We often become so busy that we forget what’s important in our lives; so weekly check-ins are a great time to create the space to communicate your love, appreciation and admiration for your partner. Also, use this chance to get on the same page with your routines, prepare a date night and discuss what you want to see happen in the coming weeks, days and months in your relationship. Without a conscious attempt to set aside time to carry out a temperature check in your relationship needs can go unmet while resentment builds.

  1. A relationship isn’t a competition!

A healthy relationship requires teamwork. Working to outscore your spouse is pointless and defeats the point of a relationship. You could be the most valuable player (MVP) today, but you’ll be alone and weaker without the help of your partner. Cease the race, be a true teammate/partner and attempt to win the game as a triumphing team!

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