Ten Tips To Achieving Authentic Happiness

  1. Understand what really makes you happy.

Have you ever sat down and thought about what really make you happy and why? If you have never taken the time to consider what makes you happy, you’ve probably found it nearly impossible to attain authentic happiness. Just imagine…  As soon as you identify what really make you happy, you’ll finally quit chasing smoke and start concentrating on what’s real in your life that honors you.

  1. Eliminate excuses

If you wish to achieve authentic happiness, the very first step would be to accept 100 percent responsibility for whatever you encounter in your life. This implies taking accountability for your outcomes, your health, your relationships, your finances, your feelings – everything! This puts you in the driver seat and helps you realize how much power you truly have.

  1. Understand yourself

Who you are? What entices you, drives you, moves you? Once you really understand yourself – the good, the bad, as well as the ugly you can begin to explore the good and determine what you need to do about the things you dislike.

  1. Determine your values

What are your values? Your values are things that are very important to you – whether it is your faith, honesty, freedom, family, creativity, business or other things that are important to you. Values usually remain constant throughout one’s life – they’re an important part of your individual make-up.

  1. Live on purpose

What is the “Why” behind what you do? What exactly are you here to achieve? What is your life’s purpose? When you know your purpose and your mission you can utilize it to guide your life giving your steps better direction and meaning.

  1. Make sure your needs are met

When your needs constantly go unmet, it is difficult to proceed in whatever you do because it leaves a feeling of un-fulfillment. Personal needs are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental things that are necessary to help you perform at your very best and have a sense of fulfillment. Remember the saying you can’t take care of anything or anyone if you don’t take care of you?

  1. Have confidence in your intuition/awareness/wisdom

This isn’t an ability reserved for psychics. Everybody has it and everybody has experienced it in one way or the other. Have you ever thought about an old-friend, and then your phone rings and it is that same person on the line who just called to say they’re thinking about you? We have all experienced this type of intuition. The key is to learn to see and hear and take advantage of it when necessary to achieve higher levels of success.

  1. Modify your beliefs and rules for joy and happiness.

What rules do you have that determines your happiness? You may believe that in order for you to be happy; you will need to be in a relationship with another being, be accepted by everyone or maybe even be a millionaire. Is it possible that you’ve made it tough to be happy? Sometimes it’s our rules and beliefs that limit our life experiences. If you modify the rules and check your beliefs you may become a much happier person.

  1. Understand your truth

How could we understand the body’s wisdom if we are always in a hurry, focusing on the past, projecting to the future and mismanaging valuable time? Your authentic-self is often unheard. To be able to reveal your true self, you have to make time for precious moments of solitude.

  1. Speak and live your truth

Once you’ve identified your truth, honor and speak it. Live that truth out loud. Be heard… be you confidently.

Written by Marie Carter, LBC

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