10 Tips for Greater Self Confidence

Is lack of self-confidence holding you back from creating the life of your dreams? Are you frustrated with feelings of inferiority or lack of belief in your own ability? If you’ve answered yes you could benefit from the following top tips for increasing your self-confidence.
  1. Visualize. Take time daily to close your eyes and picture yourself at ease and confident. Get detailed in this practice and ask yourself how would you feel if you were totally self-assured and confident each day? How different would your life be?
  2. Do mirror activities. Each morning, take a look at yourself in the mirror and speak powerful I am declarations, “I love you, I adore you, I accept you”. Continue to build on this method each day and you will discover that your self-confidence is increasing. (What you speak and think about yourself shapes your reality).
  3. Consider others who had bigger problems compared to the ones you’re facing, but managed to confront and conquer them. Give it some thought: If they found the power to overcome, you can do it too.
  4. Speak with someone who knows you well, someone whom you have faith in to offer you honest and sensible feedback. Ask them what expertise they have that can assist with mending your situation. Then, pay attention without questioning them. You may be amazed at what they advise!
  5. Put a smile on your face, take a deep breath and deal with your difficult moment. At times, just the act to get started is sufficient enough to offer you the boldness to overcome.
  6. Remind yourself that you can! Self-talk is a great method to motivate you. Even when you are not as prosperous as you had planned to be ensure that your self-talk concerning the situation is positive and will assist in greater success whenever you approach the goal or circumstance again in the future.
  7. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Jim Rohn quoted “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This is such a true and powerful quote. Surround yourself with loving people who sow into your life and encourage your best. These people often carry amazing energy and their presence can influence your desired change.
  8. Move outside of your comfort zone. Commit to attempting something new each week. Start off with small steps and stay positive. For example: commit to smiling at an outsider this week. As soon as you feel at ease with this, commit to doing it more each week. It may feel difficult and weird at first however, you will begin to feel great.
  9. Get a grasp of yourself and remember you are not your mind. You can actually create problems through your own worry and fear. You may find it helpful to write down the problem, doing this will usually help put things into perspective and eliminate a lot of worry instantly.
  10. Acknowledging a higher power. Relax and recall that God’s love is around you, directing you and providing opportunities whichever way you seek. Let that power and sense of safety move through you, feel its growth inside of you as your confidence elevates.
    Photo Credit: Regal Realness

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