Revitalizing Black Sisterhood


Sisterhood is a connection between blood sisters or female friends. This might apply to moral support or sororities that are abound. Honoring the special connection of sisterhood can be done by creating a sacred space amidst a group of women where you can come together, talk, share, create and partake of each other’s presence, wisdom and knowledge. In this space sisters often weep, celebrate and grow together creating memories of mutual and long lasting relationship.

In historical cultures, the gathering of females was very important. Women gathered for rites and rituals, traditions, everyday work and involvement in their community, tribe or clan. However, the gatherings were mature connections that were greatly respected.

We’ve lost that sense of sisterhood. Due to this fact, we’re missing an important facet of womanhood, the sense of personal and deeper connections. We’re missing celebrating our own rites of passage, growth and transitions with one another. We’re missing the acknowledgment of those who have traveled this journey before us and the examples they’ve laid.

We’re capable, strong women who can do amazing things when we join forces.

However, at times we get so occupied, perfectionistic and competitive with other women, that we don’t allow ourselves to develop relationship with one another. We overlook the need to understand and build each other up and we also overlook the fact that we need each other in order to grow.

Sisterhood is not only about having a good friend to go out shopping with; it is about having sisters who can assist you through life transitions, help you build, share in your successes and cover you when necessary.

A few ideas that you can implement to help develop/promote sisterhood in your circles:

  1. Plan a consistent lunch or dinner outing (or at someone’s home) with family members or some good friends. It could even be a group of women who don’t actually know each other, but still have you in common.
  2. Don’t discount the advantages of hooking up with good friends who live at a distance via Google hangout or Skype.
  3. Attend/organize retreats, programs and workshops that gather women with the same interests. You can meet some great people by doing this. You all could meet up at health events, writing workshops, retreats etc. It is truly a terrific way to expand your interactions.
  4. Plan a holiday trip with few sisters (these sisters could be your soul sisters or real sisters). This type of trip gives time and space to truly talk, share and enjoy being in each other’s company. Opt for less planning and doing and more time together.

Feel free to share your ideas of building sisterhood. I would love to read them!

One comment

  1. What a great article!! I have a handful of sister/friends who are very near and dear to my heart. We live in different states and even though, for the most part, we may not speak often. But, when we do speak, it’s like we pick up where we left off. Outside of my husband and children, my girls are the greatest relationships I will ever have. Oftentimes, when we start our families, we tend to drift away from our sister/friends, but those solid relationships keep us going when things at home become rocky.


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