How To Heal After Being Hurt

img_0029When someone hurts you, the results could be overwhelming. You put all your time and effort into what you believed to be the start of something magical in your life. We’ve all experienced this at one point in time of our lives, and though we each may have handled it differently the pain remains the same. I know of this feeling all too well. You see, not too long ago I found myself trying to heal after finding out that a man I had given my all to a man who had betrayed me in the worse way. He made me seem as if I were this monster when in reality it was him being manipulative. I did everything in the book to please this man from allowing him to be with another woman with my knowledge to taking his verbal and emotional abuse. In this, I lost sight of whom I truly was. Finally, after all the back and forth and the stress and pain I decided to choose me. I walked away, forgave him, forgave myself and found my peace. I have only one thing to list as a great way to heal after being hurt:

1.      When someone hurt you, it’s like they gain control or so the saying goes, “Power over you.” As hard as it may be, forgive them and afterwards forgive yourself. Peace will come and you will find yourself.

Remember, no one can love you better than you.

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