Why Black Women Are Dope


Too often we hear negatives and stereotypes placed on black women and why some black men choose not to date us. Many of these complaints come from black men who have been hurt by a black woman who doesn’t understand the black man, a black man who lacks understanding of the black woman or a woman who blames other women for her own inner flaws (failure to attract what she desires). I choose to celebrate myself and the beauty of black women as well as the things that make us so damn dope.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t all bitter, broken, angry, gold diggers or hard to please. My definition of a strong black woman is a woman with the ability to overcome all odds and persevere. She is a woman who knows her worth and demands it. A woman who gives from a place of unconditional love, but also understands that in her giving she must acknowledge, love and give to herself.

So, what makes black women so dope? Check out the short list below and feel free to comment and add your thoughts on what makes black women dope.

Black Women Are Resilient

No matter what has been thrown in her path, she has the strength and determination to rise above her circumstances and recreate herself. Though she falls down she is naturally wired to stand back up. She won’t allow the voice of negativity to drown out her own inner voice nor determine her future. She’s is often the glue that holds her family together and the gentle, but firm guidance that keeps her home in alignment with purpose.

She Isn’t Afraid to Speak Out

A woman’s voice is key to breakthrough, self expression and self discovery. She understands that her voice matters and if she never speaks out she will never be heard. She understands that her voice has a purpose and is often the voice for those who have been stripped of their own. She executes wisdom when she speaks and speaks without fear of judgement.

Her Validation Comes From Within

She doesn’t feel the need to seek validation from outside sources. She is aware of her worth as a woman. She is aware of her strengths and weaknesses and works diligently to become better. She honors her brilliance and celebrates her life and accomplishments. She is her biggest cheerleader and acknowledges that her greatest guidance comes from divine intelligence found within.

She Loves Unconditionally

She has been graced with a beautiful heart. She chooses to love instead of harboring resentment and anger.

She Is A Woman With Vision

She has an ambitious spirit with clear vision for her life. She not only has the ability to give birth to her own vision, but she has the natural ability to nurture and assist in the manifestation of the vision of others.

Black Women Age Gracefully

As black women age their beauty is much like fine wine it only gets better over time.

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