What’s your relationship status?

In a world where Social Media is seemingly ruling the world, single women more than single men are feeling some type of way about how to classify themselves to the rest of the world.

Recently, the best girlfriends and I went on a rant about men sending us direct messages to our Social Media inboxes.  For the anxious, lonely woman this is a welcomed treat!  Our thoughts are that our mama says, ” a man should pursue me and he did just INBOX me… right? This sounds like God…right?

  1.  Come on, “he’s in the church and loves the Lord because he’s always posting scriptures.
  2. He’s physically fit because his daily check-in’s after 6 o’clock is at the local gym.
  3. His post often show pics of him at work, so yessssss, “He is not scrub; the brotha has a job”!

All of the qualities a woman wants, “well at least some”!

At this point the ball begins to roll past the initial excitement. By now you have grown tired of the inbox messages, you want to get to know him, spend time with him, entertain some late night conversations.

WAIT FOR IT………………………………….”you are now experiencing resistance; the infamous clap back!

The tone of the conversations have shifted; it is as follows:

  1.  (You)…Can we meet for lunch?  (Him)…”Nahh, I like getting to know you like this, let’s wait”.
  2. (You)…Hey, I’m growing pretty tired of the inbox messages, can we exchange numbers and chat?”  (Him)…”My phone is broken, I’ll send you my number after I get that squared away!

3. (You)…Hey, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but “Are you in a relationship?

Here are a few common responses:

  1. “YES, “I’m in a relationship, but I’m not happy!”
  2. “YES, “I’m only with her for the kids!”
  3. “YES, “It’s complicated”
  4. “YES,  “She is my right now girl not my future!

Single ladies, remember you desire more than being the “side-chick”! While you are waiting on “Mr. Right for YOU”, get that degree you’ve always wanted, open that business, be centered in your own dreams until the Awesome Guy Drops in your LAP, don’t loose faith, you are WORTH IT!!! Remember you were uniquely made and a man can only do what you allow him too. Let him be attracted to your independence and your ability to stand your ground, he’ll respect your boundaries…trust me! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!!!!!


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