Seven Signs He’s Not The One

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When you’re on the dating scene you want to determine early on if he is worth the investment of your time and attention. I know many of us ladies are on a mission and can’t afford wasted time entertaining Mr. Wrong.  Sometimes discovering the guy who you want to spend your life with isn’t the one is a hard pill to swallow. But sis look, either you’re going to entertain your own heartache or get focused on connecting with someone who you truly have potential to grow and build a life with. the truth is when a woman gets in tune with what she desires in a life-long partner and what she’s worth she does a better job weeding out Mr. Wrong.

So, let’s check out the seven signs below.

#1. You have to Wonder If He’s The One

If you’re spending time wondering if he’s the one for you there is a strong possibility he isn’t. When you finally meet “the one” it’s going to be a free-flowing natural non-forced connection you can’t deny. The two of you will fit together like a missing puzzle piece you’ve searched for your entire life.  Also, if you’re constantly wondering where you fit in his life it’s time to move on. The man who is meant to be in your life won’t allow you to remain in a situation where you are wondering where you fit in his life he will make it known and clear.

#2. Still Holding On To Past Baggage

If your mate is stuck is the past constantly dragging all of their baggage into the new relationship let it go. Every individual needs the time and space for their own healing. Hurting people hurt people and unresolved past pain/baggage is at the forefront. A man will never be able to give you anything he can’t give to himself. Likewise, you will never be able to give a man or anyone for that matter anything that you can’t give to yourself.

#3. No Vision/Future Goals

Let’s just be real here… if he has no vision he can’t lead himself nor you anywhere. Life is constantly changing and we are constantly growing and evolving. So is the universe. You’ve got to have a road map for the direction you desire your life to move in and you can’t build with a man who has no direction. The two of you will never walk together.

#4. Lack of Common Values

In order for a relationship to thrive a couple needs to have values that are in alignment. If your mates values oppose yours you will encounter major issues throughout the relationship. It takes strong minded individuals to find the ability to compromise and respect individuality, however don’t allow yourself to end up in a situation where you are compromising who you are and your integrity to hold on to another person. When you find yourself in this position it’s time to let go.

#5. He Doesn’t Accept You For Who You Are

I’m gonna get straight to the point here because I love you and I want you to be happy!

If he doesn’t accept you for who you are he doesn’t respect nor value YOU. The reality is he isn’t in relationship with you, but the idea of who he wants you to be or the comparison to what he really desires. This guy doesn’t deserve your attention. Value the worth of who you are enough to deny anyone the ability to undermine your worth and intelligence. When we rid ourselves of the things that clutter and complicate our lives we make room to receive what we truly desire. The man who is for you will give you permission to be free without even knowing it – embracing the essence and beauty of who you are.

#6. He’s Doesn’t Support/Cover You 

Your man won’t always agree with every decision you make, but when it comes to success, goals, dreams, career, health etc he will support you 100%. If he doesn’t protect you, pray for you, doesn’t showcase his love for you he isn’t the one.

#7. Lack Of Respect

In relationships you must be clear with your man about your idea of respect (how you want to be treated.) If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t listen to what you have to say, is always unkind to you, disrespects you, your family, friends or children he doesn’t respect you. If he is physically or verbally abusive towards you let it go. Lack of respect is an absolute deal breaker sis he is not the one. If a man doesn’t respect you he will never view you as his life partner and you will live a miserable life. You are worth so much more.






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