Rewriting Your Money Story


What is your current money story?

Are you barely making ends meet? Do your bills tend to outweigh your money? Do you simply desire to create more money to create a better quality of life for your family? Regardless of why you’re reading this post, chances are you desire change. Since the days of slavery black men and women have lived in poverty or barely having enough money to live without worry. Many of us have lived as if we are defeated relying on outside sources to help us manage financial obligations such as systems that have been systematically constructed to enslave us.

Let me give you a bit of insight.

Slavery dehumanized and degraded Black Americans teaching us to live under extreme oppression. There are so many people who are still suffering from post-traumatic slave syndrome where they were embedded with fear, hopelessness, a lack of self-worth, dependency, defeat and inferiority among many other underlying after effects. Many learned behaviors and false beliefs are still passed down from generation to generation creating a chain that continues to keep black men, women and children blind, enslaved, broken and living in poverty. I’ve heard many people, with the majority being women say they are blessed to have the privilege to earn $8 to $10 an hr.

These individuals express false content and the obligation to be grateful while often referring to biblical context stating they should not want. However, biblical scripture has often been taken out of context and used as a stronghold to stagnate and frustrate our lives including the ability to be free and fruitful. This type of thinking is another way of saying you are only worth the $8 to $10 an hour you have accepted. It also expresses a lack of self-worth and undermines your ability to create wealth.

What needs to happen in order for you to rewrite your money story?

Let’s start with a self-assessment. Ask yourself what is your current money story? What or who influences your beliefs about money? What lies do you believe about money and your ability to make money?

Healing from the inside out and clearing up abundance blockers.

Many people don’t understand that wealth is an inside out experience – internal blockage will prevent you from realizing your potential; therefore preventing you from creating financial wealth. When you clear up internal blockage you give yourself permission to be free internally and externally. When you are free you have the ability to see and recognize truth which enables you to tap into your creativity, discover purpose and re-position yourself as a true co-creator. Internal blockage is emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reclaim Your Power.

Black woman, black man you are powerful! You were born with a unique design and purpose. You were born as a solution not a problem. It’s time to reclaim your personal power and stop allowing the world to determine how great you can become. A couple of the biggest lies I have ever heard is “only some people are destined for greatness” or “it’s God’s will for some people to live in lack because they would destroy themselves with wealth.” When you understand how you got into the position you’re in, that realization becomes a huge game changer. The place where the greatest change is required is in the mind and heart of humanity. Until that change takes place so many people will remain stuck.

Stop undermining your brilliance and take your power back from systems created to keep you down. Stop believing the lies you have accepted from family members and friends about your potential and ability. The truth is those people don’t know any better otherwise they would empower you. If you take a look at their lives you will realize they are stuck too! Start showing up for yourself and supporting yourself. You’ve got to have vision for your own life if you’re going to make it out of lack.

Changing the game by rewriting your money story.

What would you do today to take control of your financial state if you didn’t see lack of money as a problem?

When you get sick and tired of telling the same old tired story something happens within that causes you to seek better. This is where you find the momentum to create a new story. After you’ve identified what keeps you stuck you can now start breaking down those barriers with the goal of constructing a new vision and plan to manifest that vision.

Nothing happens overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, faith-in-action, sacrifice, prayer and patience with yourself to break old cycles and birth your vision. A personal quote that I live by is “When you show up for yourself, the entire universe will conspire on your behalf in support of your transition.” Everything in life is a process. You can’t activate a new strategy if you’re still applying an old one. You have to create room in your life for your new baby (the manifestation of your vision). Rewriting your money story is just as much of a transition as ridding negative unhealthy relationships to establish fruitful relationships.

If you are really ready to become a game changer and rewrite your life’s story as well as your money story I invite you to attend my biggest event of the year “Reclaiming Your Throne“. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive details and registration information in the coming week.

Love & Light


  1. I’ve been reading so much about money and abundance lately but I’ve never heard about it quite like you put it. I do believe our money mindset is related to slavery and the century that followed. So much has to be done to reset our minds. Thank you for writing this.

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