Revisiting My 2017 Goals


This is the time of the year where I like to really reflect on my accomplishments throughout the year, revisit my goals list and think about areas that need improvement. This is also the time where I like to set a new clear vision for the year ahead. I haven’t been the most positive chic this year. A lot of things fell apart and nothing went as planned. I beat myself up more than I should have and I failed to stop and celebrate my accomplishments because my outcome wasn’t what I desired. I’m still not where I desire to be, but I’m closer than where I started.

Looking back over the past 9 months I realize I’ve accomplished the majority of my 2017 goals. I started the year with my biggest goal being eagerness to break into healthcare. I became a nationally recognized Phlebotomist and a Wisconsin State Certified Nurses Aid (RN program requirement) and have already started working toward my RN degree.

I successfully launched my blog January 1st of this year and though its had ups and downs I’m still building and growing this baby as well as the Dope Black Woman brand. I co-authored the book “She Wouldn’t Let Me Fall” due for release in March of 2018.😉 However, my proudest accomplishment of the year is one that many may see as minor, but its huge to me. That is correcting things I saw falling apart with my children. I have such an amazing relationship with my children and seeing the fruit of what I invest into my children makes me feel I have accomplished something real. I have some really GREAT children!

I chuckled when I realized there is only one goal on my list I have yet to accomplish. That goal is completing and publishing my own book. I chuckled because I realize I need to relax and give myself a pat on the back. In so many ways life has been telling me to slow down and now that life has sat me down with a bad injury I have no choice but to slow down and acknowledge everything around me. I’m in the perfect position right now to complete my book and I’m sure everything in my near future will be great. This year I have worked harder than I have ever worked to accomplish my goals…. Living in Wisconsin while traveling to Michigan 3 days a week for school while still working to maintain home. I faced a lot of adversity this year starting with family betrayal yet I overcame all odds.

I’m proud of myself and I am so excited about the year approaching and all of the awesome things I would like to see manifest. I have a bomb support system made up of amazing friends. However, I will always be my greatest supporter and cheerleader.

Some of the things I plan to do different in 2018:

  • Disconnect from negative people who have been a hindrance to my progression in life.
  • Be more conscious of the story I tell myself regarding my life and future.
  • Take the time to celebrate my accomplishments big and small.
  • Spend more time developing self and nurturing my spirit.
  • Be more sensitive to the needs of other people in my life.
  • In the words of my role model, the amazing Dr. Venus Opal Reese, defy impossible!

What has been YOUR greatest accomplishments of the year thus far? Is there anything you would like to accomplish before 2017 comes to a close?

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