Racial Disparities In Health Care


Is medical care in the United States truly the best in the world?

The United States has prided itself as having the best health care system in the world and is often seen as the best when considering tangible available options on the road to recovery. The truth is the U.S. has a technological advantage however, many unfair practices exist within the flawed discriminatory health care system.

While many American’s in the United States have poor health and receive minimum health care, racism and white privilege continues to have a significant impact on black and minority communities. As a result, Black Americans often receive poor medical care and die younger at a much higher rate than white counterparts. After considering the effects of a lack of education, minimum access to quality and affordable health care, poor housing and income restrictions research still proves the alarming affect on minorities are relatively higher. The Common Wealth Fund has noted than even when both black and white recipients are in the same income bracket blacks still receive less quality care.

There has been a considerable amount of research that suggests many white primary care doctors fail to deliver proper care to black patients as a result of superficial non-scientific assumption that black people can bare more than whites. Some of those assumptions include the suggestion that black people have tougher skin and can handle higher levels of pain and suffering therefore, administering less effective care that is justified in their minds. These beliefs prove that cultural misconceptions play a major role in the lack of quality care received from doctors. A couple of other cultural misconceptions suggest that black people are less deserving and some even suggest that black Americans have supernatural abilities. In a 2014 research study, it was concluded that whites super-humanize blacks which directly affects their ability to provide equal quality care.

This isn’t a new issue it is a widespread epidemic which has occurred throughout the United States since African Americans were robbed of their identity and likened unto insignificant creatures who are inferior to and less deserving than white America. In a day and age where black people were used as experimental projects to improve the health of white America, used to train white medical students and stripped of the human right to life. Racism did not dissipate after the Civil Right’s movement. Contrary to many current arguments blatant forms of racism still exist, however it tends to rear it’s ugly face through more subtle acts while continuing to dominate within the health care system.

The mistrust that many black Americans have with health care providers and health studies is a direct result of previous treatment, disregard for human life and a denial of appropriate care. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a research report in 2007 indicating many expressed sentiments felt by African Americans who have a lack of trust in our current system. The facts mentioned therein detour many  from seeking preventative care and therefore struggling with undiagnosed illnesses which also leads to a higher mortality rate.

What are some of the things you believe can be done to begin rectifying this widespread failure within the healthcare system?







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