Owning Your Personal Power


What comes to mind when you think of personal power?

My definition of personal power is a person’s innate ability to claim possession over their destiny – choices, emotions, actions and outlook. Sounds powerful right?  Are there areas of your life where you may need to reclaim your power?

Are you tolerating things that drain you?  Maybe you allow people and circumstances to cause your emotions to shift like the wind… Is that happening to you?  When you learn to master owning your personal power you begin to release things that stunt your growth.  Releasing those things enable you to live an empowered life, learn to embody your truth and live authentically.

As a young ministers wife who was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt I was in need of something that would help me reposition my life.  I was tolerating a marriage where I was emotionally and spiritually abused. I met an older woman who would tell me I just needed to open my mouth.  She didn’t know how deep my personal circumstances were, but she could tell that I was very broken.  She would encourage me to scream and I thought this chick has to be crazy.

As I started my own spiritual journey I began to understand that woman wasn’t crazy, but she was helping me reclaim my power by finding my own voice and recognizing its power.  It was the beginning of my breakthrough and the end of my silence. From there came the awareness of the power of words and the power behind acts of faith – taking a step toward what you desire with the belief that it would soon become reality.

As I started to understand the power of my voice, my prayers and my intentions, I began to understand that I truly create my reality which showed me that I had the power to alter my destiny.  At any time if I didn’t like something in my life I had the power to recreate.  I was the one who could determine how I felt at all times. I was in charge of setting and maintaining my atmosphere despite what other people around me did or said.

One of the greatest keys to self-management is understanding your power and learning to own it.

Signs that you are failing to own your personal power:

  • Feelings of inferiority and defeat
  • Self-doubt
  • Seeking validation or approval from others
  • Allowing others to control your actions, decisions or emotions
  • Serving as a people pleaser
  • Playing the blame game – blaming others for the condition of your life or circumstances
  • Failure to express your truth
  • Allowing others to misuse or abuse you


Benefits of learning to own your personal power:

  • You gain control of your emotions, thoughts and actions
  • You live and walk in your authentic truth
  • You gain responsibility for your life and your happiness
  • Gain sincere belief in your own ability to perform and succeed – kicking the need for validation.
  • The ability to love freely without conditions
  • Learn how to say NO
  • Set healthy boundaries


Tips to help you start exercising your power:

  • Exercise the power of your voice – Speak up! Your voice matters.
  • Start taking responsibility for your life – every time you blame someone for where you currently are you give away your personal power.
  • Practice saying NO – Let your no be your no and your yes be your yes.
  • Start spending time with yourself – acknowledge who you are, your talents, skills, desires, and personality traits. Start doing mirror work.
  • Practice seeing yourself as a powerful co-creator

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