Losing Faith In Relationships


So what do you do when you’ve lost faith in relationships? When you’ve experienced negative, draining relationships that set you back in life causing you to question the possibility of establishing something authentic?

Connections are something we can make instantly with another person based on our ability to resonate with another person, personality, character, similarities etc. However, finding the ability to connect with another individual doesn’t necessarily mean that person could serve as a potential mate.

I’ve often heard or read the statement “Don’t place people in positions in your life they don’t fit in.” I wholeheartedly agree. We get entangled in relationships we should have never wound up in because we jump out in traffic without taking precautions. It’s that immature love… walking blind. Yes let’s call it what it is. I’ve made this mistake too.

Some people enter relationships emotionally needy. We all have emotional needs that must be met in relationships, however being emotionally needy is a completely different thing. It’s an indication of your need to focus on you and your emotional health as it announces your past baggage.

Do you know what you desire in a relationship? What are your relationship needs? Where are you in the development of your relationship with self? Are you secure? Are you loving you or neglecting you? What do you bring to a relationship? What are your expectations of a future mate? What are deal breakers? What assures you that he or she has the potential to grow with you?

How many of the questions above have you ever asked yourself?

We have to be careful with who we allow into our lives. Protecting yourself isn’t just about practicing safe sex. Sometimes we need to go into reflection and determine what we need to change before jumping back into the dating game.

So, when you’ve lost faith in relationships it time to do some reflecting and reassessing. Many times we are in fact what prevents us from creating healthy relationships. Are you honoring yourself or being a doormat? What boundaries have you created? Are you secure? Emotionally healthy?

How you present yourself makes a difference. I’m not saying that you are responsible for the actions of other people, but I’m saying you are responsible for whom you allow into relationship with you. I’m telling you that you have to be whole, must be clear about what you’re looking for and how you plan to obtain and nurture it.  That also means that you must have the ability to decipher where people belong in your life and say no to relationships that do not reflect who you are, the direction your life is headed in and what you desire.

Keep your why in mind for establishing relationships.


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