I made one of the best decisions a woman can make on her journey to healing. I made a vow to myself and God to both embrace and be engulfed in true love, commitment and relationship. To be saturated in a love that supports me in the pursuit of a purpose filled life, encourages my confidence as a woman and strengthens me in the areas where I’m weak.

It’s a love I’ve longed for, but at times got caught up searching for it in the wrong places. While I was searching, what I truly needed was a simple reminder that God has already made me whole and the only place I needed to look was within.

Typically, when people see the title of my post they think of marriage and vows taken between a man and woman. The vows I’ve decided to take are between God and I.

I said YES to…

  • Redeveloping a true relationship with the divine (God), therefore developing relationship with self
  • Committing to an intimate prayer life
  • Honoring my mind, body and spirit
  • Completely loving myself
  • Nurturing my spiritual and physical being and the woman I am becoming
  • Showing up in support of myself and my best interests
  • Walking in my unique divine purpose

In order to say yes to me I knew I needed to say NO to everything that has stood in opposition to what I desire to receive (give to myself) and who I truly am. I said no to HIM. You know, the sorta kinda’s Janette IKZ (Genetics) spoke about in her piece “I Will Wait For You”… The him who seemed to believe there was a revolving door to my heart that he could enter upon convenience and exit without notice. Leaving me feeling violated, hurt, empty and alone. Him who expected me to bring forth life while depositing death.

I said no to one-sided friendships and family relationship’s where I was misused, drained and depleted. I said no to mediocrity and lack for those things are no reflection of whom God says that I am. I said no to my fears, my past and everything that has ever held me back.

I said no to being defined by culture, society, people nor the past. The past is finished, the future has yet to be born, but the present is where I hold unlimited possibility to create, paint and transform. I am a reflection of my father which implies that I am a powerful force who holds the ability to speak and create confidently therefore taking hold of my destiny.

I haven’t arrived in the place I desire to be, but I’m a lot closer today than I was yesterday.

I vow to become a better woman, mother, daughter, sister and friend. Though I know I can one day be a great wife I’m learning to be content in my singleness. I’m dedicated to my personal growth and development and excited about my decision to say yes to creating a better me.


  1. I like it from daunte keep writing keep up the great work its deep to meπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ˜‰


  2. Yassss! I’m am here for the entire post! I’ve had some of the same self discoveries when I said yes to myself! I too vowed to become a better woman mother friend wife and daughter! Good luck on your journey I’m loving mine thus far!

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