Forgive, ForGet, Let God

The title says it all. Is it truly hard to forgive, forget and let God when someone betray you? I have learned that the worse form of betrayal can come from someone you love, trust, and respect with no questions asked.

In the 30 years that I have been in this world, I have experienced the worst form of betrayal any one should be allowed to go through. My hatred for the wrong doer had gotten so bad that the mere mention of this person’s name would send me into a frenzy. My emotions had gotten the best of me and I tried to convince myself that I was over what had happened and what that so-called friend of mine had done to me.

One day, there was an event in which we both were invited to. I was fine. I felt energetic and ready to have a good time. For some reason the inner voice in me, instructed me to look over my left shoulder and sure enough, there this person was. When I say, my entire mood changed, my body had gotten hot, you could literally see sweat forming on my forehead. It was then I realized, there was no way I could just up and forgive, let alone forget what had been done. Eventually, I had no choice in the matter. After years of being a prisoner of my own hatred, I was finally able to Forgive, Forget and Let God.

“Let God Deal with The Things People Do, ‘cause hate in your heart will Consume you too.” (Will Smith)

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