Are you surrounded by people yet feeling alone?

Yesterday, I was reflecting on a time when I was surrounded by many people yet I felt completely alone. There was a very obvious void in my life, but I couldn’t figure out what I was lacking. That feeling seemed to tug at me calling for me to withdraw from many of those who surrounded me and spend time in solitude. Can you relate?

How could I feel alone in the presence of so many people?

Many of the people who surrounded me weren’t on the path I felt I was being led on. They were often negative, close minded to anything other than their belief, critical and un-supportive of the person I was becoming. When you are elevating to higher levels of consciousness you will leave some things and people behind as you are becoming.

The feeling of loneliness signifies a need for change in order for a greater purpose to be fulfilled. It implies that you have outgrown your current circle or you are being called out to seek and walk into the unknown. Dr. Cindy N. Trimm quoted “Loneliness isn’t the absence of people. Loneliness is the absence of purpose and when you find purpose the right people will come“. I couldn’t agree with her more.

During my loneliness season I was married, a mother of 4, and connected to many people. I decided to follow the urge and thirst for solitude (just me and God). As I followed it I was taken on the most amazing journey to uncovering the hidden seed of greatness within me. Since I became aware of and receptive to the voice from within me I have never stopped following that voice. It was the voice that led me on an inward journey to recognizing who I am and the purpose for my existence.

It was that same voice that called me into solitude so that I could eliminate the chatter, lies and distractions and receive both my release and my spiritual upgrade. Once I found my purpose and began to position myself to walk in it my surroundings began to change. I no longer tolerated relationships that drained me and no longer added value to my life. I had a thirst to surround myself with positive people who were walking on the same path as I was and those willing to pour into me.

Finding your purpose will enable you to live a more fulfilling life, enable you to focus on what really matters in your life by living a life based off of your core values and enabling you to live in the amazing flow of consciousness.

You were purposed for greater and it’s time for you to walk into your greater.

10 questions to ask yourself to get you thinking that will assist you in recognizing your unique purpose in the earth:

  1. What are your unique gifts that sets you apart from others?
  2. What are you passionate about? This is the thing that activates your excitement and gives you joy. Your passion will lead you into purpose.
  3. When you enter a bookstore what kind of books do you gravitate to?
  4. What do your friends often turn to you for help with?
  5. What gives you a sense of fulfillment?
  6. What kind of people are you drawn to connect with?
  7. What do you dedicate your free time to?
  8. What do people often compliment you on?
  9. Who inspires you the most? And why?
  10. What would you desire to do most if you knew you would not fail?

Love, light and blessings to you on your personal journey!

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