Does Bad Intimacy Cause Breaks In Relationships?


It has been said, that sex is very essential in healthy relationships. Many couples, in fact, base their entire thrive around it. But what happens when the intimacy is not at all what you partner or spouse expected? Herein lies the issues at hand. When pleasing your mate, you must be sure to cater to their needs inside the bedroom. Being selfish and only caring whether or not you’re pleased may bring causes for your mate to seek pleasure outside the bedroom. I’ve narrowed some Do’s and Don’ts when maintaining a healthy relationship and dealing with intimacy.

From both a Man and Woman’s point of view, I was able to conclude some important factors that may help couples establish a long lasting relationship filled with great intimacy.


  1. Bad and non-pleasurable intimacy can be overlooked if each person in the relationship would freely express to their mate or spouse exactly what they want. When it comes to pleasing, most times we neglect to ask and go off instinct alone. Not finding out what makes your partner tick could cause them to detach themselves from you intimately.
  2. The level of comfort you each have with each other is key. Sometimes we as women have various body insecurities, because of this, we hold back when it’s time to perform in the bedroom for our men. Stop worrying about if he’s going to think lesser of you if you go above and beyond to please him the way he wants you to. Don’t be afraid to throw some new tricks in there. Remember, your man loves a lady, and it’s perfectly fine to be that in public. On the other hand, your man loves how freaky his woman is in private. Men, this same theory applies to you as well. Stop trying to gain cool points and satisfy your woman. As a man, you should receive your true pleasure from pleasing her. Find out what turns her on and what doesn’t. The greatest form of intimacy is that which does not involve physical touching. Seduce her mind and everything else will follow.
  3. Taking your time and foreplay stimulation is essential. What’s the rush?

Slow and steady helps create a bond between you and your partner. Body massages and the use of aphrodisiacs will help stimulate both of you in very sensitive areas of the body.


Remember, while intimacy is important in a thriving relationship, our bodies are our temples; treat them as such.


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